Friday, May 20, 2011

Steve Shubin - Fleshlight Success Story

The House That Fleshlight Built

Steve Shubin, the genius behind one of the most lucrative sex toys in history, has done a personal interview explaining his rags to riches story from his infamous creation of the FleshLight.  When looking at Shubin's 300 acre crib along with his collection of exotic cars, it begs the question of how many household items a middle aged man had to get his dick caught in until the FleshLight fully took form.  We at give Shubin an over under of 65.


The story behind the man Steve Shubin, is not as glamorous as it is made out to be. Steve Shubin has made his success by destroying the lives of others. He stole his wife from the man who hired him to her bodyguard. With her money and the talent and genius of his sons to make his fortune. He has even screwed one of his sons out of millions of dollars without any explaination other than he didn't like the woman he was with. This is a man who is undeserving of any of the wealth he has acquired. He is a cold hearted, destructive, user of the worst kind and in no way should be viewed as anything more than just that, a user.

I completely agree. He has fired his employees numerous times for absolutely no reason at all, and has destroyed families with no remorse. He is a coward, and refuses to speak with his employees after he decides to fire them and turn their world upside down. I pity this man, and look forward to the day he gets to stand before our Lord.

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